Build Your HEROine

Build Your HEROine

Build Your HEROine

Build Your HEROine

Build Your HEROine
Build Your HEROine
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Build Your HEROine

Build Your HEROine

Being fit. Healthy. Strong. To move well. Build muscle and lose fat. To get better at doing the things you want to do in life, like playing sports, chasing your marathon timing, playing with kids. 

Do the above, learn to support yourself progressively, and do it in a community. That's what we're about.

Build Your HEROine is a ladies-only strength training program, run in 4 consecutive weeks, with 2 sessions held at a fixed time and date per week. You will receive individualised workout programming according to your goals and needs, and train together in a group of like-minded women.

There are two levels available: 

Level 1, Reborn: 
- New to strength training
- Unconditioned (last workout was years ago)
- Not familiar with deadlifts, barbell squats

Level 2, Journey:
- Familiar with strength training
- Conditioned
- Can deadlift or perform hip hinge movements

Unsure? Please reach out to us to ask more questions! 

Each sign up consists of 1 season, which is 4 consecutive weeks of training twice a week (total 8 sessions). Select a cohort to be part of (Thurs 8.45pm and Sun 1pm, or Fri 8.45pm and Sun 3pm) and you'll be on your way! 

No refunds or replacements for missed sessions, but home program and check in will be provided. If you have any queries or want to explore possibilities regarding dates or cohort timings, just ask us!

Come join us. Feel empowered. Feel abundant. Feel powerful.

Feel like a HEROine. 

Pricing Options:
Level 1, Reborn - 145 Credits Per Course
Level 2, Journey - 160 Credits Per Course 


100 credits - $350

200 credits - $500

1050 credits - $2400 ($800 x 3 months) -Can be shared with 1 friend-

2500 credits - $5000 ($1250 x 4 months) -Can be shared with 1 friend-